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  • 3 positive environmental impacts of composting

    Do you know much of what is thrown away as waste can be recycled? Or composted as the case may be? Now, the question becomes why do we throw so much garbage away without even trying to reuse, recycle or compost it?

    Over recent years, there have been concerted efforts from environmental advocates in campaigning for increased efforts towards recycling. In response to these efforts cities are beginning to enact ordinances that seek to encourage the reuse of waste.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my Bokashi Bucket?

Place your Bokashi Bucket where it is easy for you to use but out of direct sunlight and away from any heaters. Inside your kitchen, garage, laundry room or basement are great places to keep it.

What do I do if my Bokashi Bucket smells bad?

When done correctly you?re Bokashi Bucket shouldn?t smell. Foul odors come when you don?t?add enough Bokashi Activator, add too much scraps at a time, air gets into the bucket, or you?re not draining your bucket. Address these issues to fix a stinky bucket.

When should I drain my Bokashi Bucket?

It?s good practice to drain your Bokashi Bucket or at least check it for liquids every 2-3 days.

Where should I bury my Bokashi Bucket?

Alongside your garden bed, around trees or in an area where you plan to plant are garden are great places to bury your fermented food scraps. Anywhere in your yard is fine too. ?We like to bury ours in a plastic storage bin with some soil or compost. In about 4 weeks, it’s ready for planting!